BIGELOW RIDERS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bigelow Riders are a true school Hip Hop band representing Pittsburgh & NYC. Stillborn Identity, Jack Wilson & Davy Hamburgers!

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true school kids
funny pants fat lids fingers deep on the roof of the circle skating rink
way before chronic
sweet green stink
generation on the line grain punch to drink
souls on the brink
think back real hard you can almost see the link
clouds took the sun and changed her with a wink
recollections funny
the colors get runny
theres a part full of holes blacked out where
others had the money
times were kinda shrill
riders took some spills
no frills
bare bones lives
made up of wills
people taught em different no mistake
some only kills then as now nothin new
camera lens eyes the iris just grew
its a short while
until the scan comes too ill and then none shall evade the asker mutitasker security force still
keep the strata stagnant grind the husks into powder unless toppled early by aware self evidence yelled louder
than memory power


at the park, where I busted this rhyme out
the kids were playing freeze tag and one called a time out
the girls said "mom, can jack come play at my house?"
the moms stuck soap in their mouths, to get the grime out
I stuck my thumb in a pie and got punched in the eye
Suzie cried, said I wasn't much of a guy
usually the shy type - what's gotten into me?
these minty fresh girl scouts look a little thin to me
spindly little birdies afraid to get their skirts dirty
baby, don't worry if I act a little flirty
we don't have to hurry, davy got beats for days
and we're cocky as a bald dude with a new toupe
= as we all do, some days I have suck
done praying Sundays and done blaming bad luck
done made it my way and stayed true to what I knew
started to get a clue, when what I knew grew
and what I know now is so out of the ordinary
like the cow head on the flower on your borden dairy
the more the merry monks drunk all their own swill
the more their girlfriends bumped up their phone bill
the more you try to keep it real, I change what real is
and as an artist, I can tell you that's the real biz
be a copycat version of me
while you're trapped in the TV, I remain free
Track Name: O WONDER

these screens are screamin', he's controlled by a demon
he sees them flashing, freezing bleeping in his sleep
and in the morning as well, day job most mornings are hell
but he hops up, hustles to get in before the bell
in a dizzy sorta spell, so what is he, sorta? well
he's a fizzy liftin' panty licker, slick angel that fell
into quick danger, he rick ranger, larryvillain perfect stranger
clip gauge ricochet, ready to bring the anger
six shades sinister but preaches like a minister
how you like your fish sticks, with hot sauce or vinegar?
I'ma stick it in ya with the proper lubrication
screamin' out my name like I'm famous
jack wilson might've left the Bucs, but my soul was never traded
this player just re-located, needed a break
but we steady keep on makin' it, the burgh's still rusty
and I still hold it down, trust me.


o wonder
golden age
we had the slippin stage
tail between its legs outta sight
pokerface sighs
some shit was just about almost right
but for the decay of the
entropy state
tired busted stalemate
repeat stories paled
swollen steam engine male inhaled
puff the chest sway the dance it could lead to stupid feathers
increased chance of nonsense
buckets n pails
chaff until the sweet spot
unusual art
the best shit he bought
others was predicted for the greater things
strange little mail guy observed it from the wings
usually onto some greater things
you know he sings
flips pages
feeds the hungry phages
theres enough to go around its strange
just rearranges
a bounty from the clouds conduit for the stages
a dose this close is power heavy rages
poets useless clowned
added up their ages
watered steel blades in the hands of
the mortal coil gauges
I'm in the world stuck handling man shit
get out of the fucking van shit
brandishing weapons that got em panicking
in Picksburgh with Van Amburg sampling Janis
rambling like a jag about this beat is bananas
you got your cameras in your palm
taking a pic while I'm spitting
that's the face that I was making in the basement when this was written
paste it to your cyberspace advertising base
this is a constructive three minutes for the mind to waste
we on a climb to chase the higher ways of understanding
and follow that up with some brandy and some smart branding
performing at an art gallery opening
throw your plastic cups in the air but no smoking
we crumb catching scum but we snatching at the rungs
old heads trying to keep up with the young gasping lungs
I'm out in Maspeth with a gas grill and socks to my knees
dirty bastard with a questionable facial hair steez
I made a nest out of Davy's beard eggs about to hatch
perched high above a steel valley word to Charlie Batch
never getting sacked
Jack you slip the good flow don't ya know
sparks shoot from tips
and then smoke and then we slips
like spiders on fire hired full time jobs
super chime ringer sublime lobs
tidbits dipshits dig this aww yisss
word guys crispy fresh oil no toil
fertile minds loins and black soil
pop the boil
compressing dense nugs into hashed up bricks
city slicks
tired of the noise live in the trees
afraid of the breeze
no time no money no shit and no sleeves
home Jeeves
you got a rider on the old handle bars
you got scars
some sneetches had stars upon thars
we go far
drink fancy sippers and then spit bars
lounge about in slippers and eat Swiss chard
fatty get the lard spoon fed hogs head dog sled
made the bed tight for the nighttime sleeper
slip the slight sight rivulet weeper
erosion forces swipe dust into crevice
rabbit kid lived on compliments and lettuce

take one down, puff puff pass go
feel burn, mad slow - wheels turn, lasso
press gas, travel - bump into a brick yard
ass so flat that it'd barely make your dick hard
got the good cheeba though, smokes me out
might still hit if it's my only out
got the light? it went out for the 3rd time already
prolly wasn't rolled with a hand that's steady
like Frankie Machine, I can't seem to kick the habit
leave the money on the table, save the trix for the rabbit
"honey, I'm home" sounds funny when yo'ure alone
my inner-dome yelling dummy, you're cloned
crummy luck, never give up, or never give in
made a decision to live it out for a living
and I ain't tryin' to see the finish line for a minute
all around the planet, pitch it, and no one hit it
I'm the first batter, Jack Wilson comin' with it


mr greenleaf visitor at the door
two MCs square giggledrop package on the floor
scissors cut twine on brown paper bag
out come some treetops fly the green flag
the piece got the ammo and the hart is white stag
no lag fat bag chillum peace combustible gas
occasional brass thin stem pipe piece scientific blown glass
pass this class or fail straight to jail
empty lunchpails no bail one simple question
whose rights are the ones get protected?
the moneyed and the greedy same get elected
undercover officer giantkiller ironlung mighty
displacement when he draws chambers become opaque with the passing of
the smokestack bars drop like flies stung by aromatic chamber flak

call it treason but with reason rap it fast like fu schnicken way jack said poetry
nuttin but bards play we do it
anyway spin stanzas on dimes like hammer before his no money time claim the sound of jail doors chop and scoured until its ours retake old bell chimes as paid dues for imaginary crimes take yours and then no more split extra amongst the poor
robbin hoods as in where the grass grow
too fast n lost his flow came back leaner with bad knees twice as slow but better lyric and more known
meaner pastures on fixed fixtures
fickle fines fielded from judgy mixture
replaced slow old brain clot with younger flying service bot cleared out generation sludge
still cant make the network budge
my gains are yours o keeper of the till
one IOU for the price of the swill
a crisp brand new
zero dollar bill
apply to research costs for synthetics
to deduct from the negative will
end it up in a positive space
my saving grace
the resolved lines applied between hi clef and bass
at chosen
imperfect pace


who's got the answers? damn sure, it ain't me
moves like a panther, dance for his safety
cats think they know how to ride like the bigelow
hats optional getting by as a jigalow
styles like action bronson or kendrick lamar
flows disrobed like kinobi to darth
livin fat like the boys from Canarsie
give it back like we hungry and artsy
tryna act like you know how adults live
when the actual proof is, you all kids
do I look like, I'm slow?
haven't lost a step, better act like you know
matter fact, I'm a pro - while they stuck in the same gear
we let 'em know who we are, why we came here
lame eared, right-brained, show 'em what you're made of
some dudes will do anything for a pay stub
that's the truth like edith ann
your lame group neverland - peter pan
the game's stuck at it's most basic level
a caustic metal, all bass and no treble
all base and low on the Ph
I hit it without playing the field like a DH
I sip the whiskey, although I swore it off
I take trips to the city and floss
on the bus or a train or a bike
this is what a real indie rapper look like
you're cantalooppy like your parents didn't raise ya right
Dip trip, flip fantasia (sike)

burn seek aloe worm seek tallow bone leak marrow and learned got the sparrow skip like sprite thru the barrow
dump a fracture like a spurned fair rose
the boat can tip easy in the swell so
we can bring bells to chime for a share knows
the piper with soul spent bare prose
fiddle string sing with no bow pluck a banjo on the down low
stand up for crippled and queer bro no fans no ego blow
nobody hears the dosi do they called him the beardo
after wake-n-bakin got mistaken for a weirdo
in one special drawer sat a lone 58 shure mic not caliber
no mistake if they keep on doin it they could be great
snake charmers of the old great lakes healthy eater word spitter signal repeater you boy was a cheater
voices of the future calling dues paid
notes duly heard adored then replayed scales called the balance
we was accounted clean weighed came out as even little brass pieces
lines nicely splayed caught refractions and sold it as hallowed
split the gate fee paid fields fresh furrowed kids burrowed
into times plus the end such is our farm now fallowed
and my rhyme is now made


after wakin bakin got mistakin' for a space heater
cock crowed 3 times in a row, which shamed Peter
wishing he was out in LA working on brainfeeder
Pete rock and CL knew it wasn't no game, neither
I need a breather from immediate stimulation
first, I gotta write the words I'm saying
to keep the mind from straying,
but thanks to focused training, daily davy motivation
bigelow riding to further destinations
big as a pop hit, don't crack jokes or talk shit
bumpin' reggie noble with my homie in the cockpit
shotgun, in the trun:k
ready to do a show
and stickin' up the joint
would be the only way to get dough
sike, no - straights shooter live his life right, though
wishing he was out in the bay working with Tycho
sittin' on the dock, rockin' otis after swan lake
trippin' off the fact that hip-hop has gone beyond fake
In America, we like our culture guilt free
so I'd better switch to talkin' bout my jewelry
the only jewels I've got are the ones that I drop
plus the pair that's hangin' under my cock
he crowed thrice, now you may be in denial
but I'ma wrap these verses up and lamp for a while

I don't even know if I'd know the words
if a new form of speech suddenly occured
that chicken-hed gibberish is for the birds
but I'm trying to be the peid piper, cattling herds
and crumblin' herb, stumblin' over something
mumblin' tellin' the beat to call me uncle
fumblin' like flacco after a sack, yo
sacrifice like vanzetti and sacco
shinehead, don't gimme no crack, yo
we puff piff matter of fact, though
I cut craft sharp as exacto
bigelow got the knowledge you lack, bro
take heed I shall proceed
take lead, stand proud, no need
stay blessed, abreast of the day-to-day wrestle
keep hope afloat, stay a vessel
he hooks the lines like an mill worm
came up in the valleys where the steel burn
where the wheels of creative art still turn
make sure the next generation will learn
who steps to this? I'm a legit vet
you're head is throbbing and I ain't said shit yet
go check the roots, I'm past the tutoring
now I'm on that "past is the future" shit


what would we do if these words then failed us?
location decision few and spurred
scribbled down A bit of quick nonsense
sky blimp piper, rasta herb
lumber over stump twig bumble hack
secret agent air flack jacket
fumble greets send the piece out
knucks 4 string mister sweets
gastineau had nothin on yer beau, tho
dance attack back crack, Lo stiff tuff mortar and tack, O blades twain, rope no slack, So
tough to follow boss man flow rhyme steed stack easy show dress neat line to to fro black n white trestle pic show crush medicine MC pestal hot knife melt zone slow churn ear cuff learn ammo deal stowed blow awful low choose orbit burn live it hectic pulse electric aim top row die twice pilot try to meet your echo in the flametip glow bloody boot to sobbin pickup hook it up, space hitch tow winged wiccan witches cauldron crooked pitched fist cloud slung low

tiger stripe lean clean scratch machine
steal wheel tribe border chrome piece
design for max gleam run full steamweakness drop
replace old beam indigo hue cobalt seam
ore chores miner stock team mc can deliver
underground found sound type dream
defy the theory for good of the ever rising deservant cream
fail first boomerang tough comeback underdog primal
bufffered erosion contusion stick fulcrum
courtesy of misters blood clot mean
head bash fantastic
word blocks basic
derive from raw
suspense dust stasis choice piece foundation basis
composed but not indifferent
standouts from radiant
no differing amongst
wrongness off the gradiant
mental shrinks zero percent learn
checked balance zero sum spurned
speakers dealwaves
slap back sines churn
collabs explode a sparked arc where the peaks were once unheard
the synch sets in peace with quantized sawed edge in place quarks inherent spin the choicest of spots decayed
at first implied at once but then again delayed
drink employed with ice
as soon as reconnaissance is made


do the hustle, the scene was so electric
eclectic gutterbugs, cuttin' rugs and takin' drugs
you can't fake it in the public eye socket
walk it, so talk it, got it sewn like a cargo pocket
poems, like we took it back to the snaps and cigarette smoke
tippy-toe flow been so unincumbered but always under the drum's thunder
how's come? o wonder - he loves it for that reason only
seasons come and go and people change, faces blur
except for her, encourage nourishment and turn it into words
burn herbs at Jerry's Curb Service
didn't have the money, didn't deserve it
took a job at the corporate office and clocked in under a pseudonymn,
no disrespect to my surname
but if she wanted, I would take her name
focus, bird brain - the onus is on the true revolution
copasthetic and theraputic to use poems to do it
over music
you got a brain go ahead and abuse it - but use it too
don't be stupid
trust me, chicks dig artsy smart dudes
crouching basho, secret tiger
style mine bigelow riders time