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true school kids
funny pants fat lids fingers deep on the roof of the circle skating rink
way before chronic
sweet green stink
generation on the line grain punch to drink
souls on the brink
think back real hard you can almost see the link
clouds took the sun and changed her with a wink
recollections funny
the colors get runny
theres a part full of holes blacked out where
others had the money
times were kinda shrill
riders took some spills
no frills
bare bones lives
made up of wills
people taught em different no mistake
some only kills then as now nothin new
camera lens eyes the iris just grew
its a short while
until the scan comes too ill and then none shall evade the asker mutitasker security force still
keep the strata stagnant grind the husks into powder unless toppled early by aware self evidence yelled louder
than memory power


at the park, where I busted this rhyme out
the kids were playing freeze tag and one called a time out
the girls said "mom, can jack come play at my house?"
the moms stuck soap in their mouths, to get the grime out
I stuck my thumb in a pie and got punched in the eye
Suzie cried, said I wasn't much of a guy
usually the shy type - what's gotten into me?
these minty fresh girl scouts look a little thin to me
spindly little birdies afraid to get their skirts dirty
baby, don't worry if I act a little flirty
we don't have to hurry, davy got beats for days
and we're cocky as a bald dude with a new toupe
= as we all do, some days I have suck
done praying Sundays and done blaming bad luck
done made it my way and stayed true to what I knew
started to get a clue, when what I knew grew
and what I know now is so out of the ordinary
like the cow head on the flower on your borden dairy
the more the merry monks drunk all their own swill
the more their girlfriends bumped up their phone bill
the more you try to keep it real, I change what real is
and as an artist, I can tell you that's the real biz
be a copycat version of me
while you're trapped in the TV, I remain free


from FRANK CURTO PARK TURKEYS, track released June 25, 2012
1st Rap - Davy Hamburgers
2nd Rap - Jack Wilson
Production - Jack
Beat - Davy



all rights reserved


BIGELOW RIDERS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bigelow Riders are a true school Hip Hop band representing Pittsburgh & NYC. Stillborn Identity, Jack Wilson & Davy Hamburgers!

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