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I don't even know if I'd know the words
if a new form of speech suddenly occured
that chicken-hed gibberish is for the birds
but I'm trying to be the peid piper, cattling herds
and crumblin' herb, stumblin' over something
mumblin' tellin' the beat to call me uncle
fumblin' like flacco after a sack, yo
sacrifice like vanzetti and sacco
shinehead, don't gimme no crack, yo
we puff piff matter of fact, though
I cut craft sharp as exacto
bigelow got the knowledge you lack, bro
take heed I shall proceed
take lead, stand proud, no need
stay blessed, abreast of the day-to-day wrestle
keep hope afloat, stay a vessel
he hooks the lines like an mill worm
came up in the valleys where the steel burn
where the wheels of creative art still turn
make sure the next generation will learn
who steps to this? I'm a legit vet
you're head is throbbing and I ain't said shit yet
go check the roots, I'm past the tutoring
now I'm on that "past is the future" shit


what would we do if these words then failed us?
location decision few and spurred
scribbled down A bit of quick nonsense
sky blimp piper, rasta herb
lumber over stump twig bumble hack
secret agent air flack jacket
fumble greets send the piece out
knucks 4 string mister sweets
gastineau had nothin on yer beau, tho
dance attack back crack, Lo stiff tuff mortar and tack, O blades twain, rope no slack, So
tough to follow boss man flow rhyme steed stack easy show dress neat line to to fro black n white trestle pic show crush medicine MC pestal hot knife melt zone slow churn ear cuff learn ammo deal stowed blow awful low choose orbit burn live it hectic pulse electric aim top row die twice pilot try to meet your echo in the flametip glow bloody boot to sobbin pickup hook it up, space hitch tow winged wiccan witches cauldron crooked pitched fist cloud slung low


from FRANK CURTO PARK TURKEYS, track released June 25, 2012
1st Rap Jack Wilson
2nd Rap Davy
Production - Jack
Beat - Davy, sampled from the song COBRA CLUTCH by CHALK OUTLINE PARTY



all rights reserved


BIGELOW RIDERS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bigelow Riders are a true school Hip Hop band representing Pittsburgh & NYC. Stillborn Identity, Jack Wilson & Davy Hamburgers!

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