from by Bigelow Riders

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burn seek aloe worm seek tallow bone leak marrow and learned got the sparrow skip like sprite thru the barrow
dump a fracture like a spurned fair rose
the boat can tip easy in the swell so
we can bring bells to chime for a share knows
the piper with soul spent bare prose
fiddle string sing with no bow pluck a banjo on the down low
stand up for crippled and queer bro no fans no ego blow
nobody hears the dosi do they called him the beardo
after wake-n-bakin got mistaken for a weirdo
in one special drawer sat a lone 58 shure mic not caliber
no mistake if they keep on doin it they could be great
snake charmers of the old great lakes healthy eater word spitter signal repeater you boy was a cheater
voices of the future calling dues paid
notes duly heard adored then replayed scales called the balance
we was accounted clean weighed came out as even little brass pieces
lines nicely splayed caught refractions and sold it as hallowed
split the gate fee paid fields fresh furrowed kids burrowed
into times plus the end such is our farm now fallowed
and my rhyme is now made


after wakin bakin got mistakin' for a space heater
cock crowed 3 times in a row, which shamed Peter
wishing he was out in LA working on brainfeeder
Pete rock and CL knew it wasn't no game, neither
I need a breather from immediate stimulation
first, I gotta write the words I'm saying
to keep the mind from straying,
but thanks to focused training, daily davy motivation
bigelow riding to further destinations
big as a pop hit, don't crack jokes or talk shit
bumpin' reggie noble with my homie in the cockpit
shotgun, in the trun:k
ready to do a show
and stickin' up the joint
would be the only way to get dough
sike, no - straights shooter live his life right, though
wishing he was out in the bay working with Tycho
sittin' on the dock, rockin' otis after swan lake
trippin' off the fact that hip-hop has gone beyond fake
In America, we like our culture guilt free
so I'd better switch to talkin' bout my jewelry
the only jewels I've got are the ones that I drop
plus the pair that's hangin' under my cock
he crowed thrice, now you may be in denial
but I'ma wrap these verses up and lamp for a while


from FRANK CURTO PARK TURKEYS, track released June 25, 2012
1st Rap - Davy Hamburgers
2nd Rap - Jack Wilson
Beat - Davy
Production - Jack



all rights reserved


BIGELOW RIDERS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bigelow Riders are a true school Hip Hop band representing Pittsburgh & NYC. Stillborn Identity, Jack Wilson & Davy Hamburgers!

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