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call it treason but with reason rap it fast like fu schnicken way jack said poetry
nuttin but bards play we do it
anyway spin stanzas on dimes like hammer before his no money time claim the sound of jail doors chop and scoured until its ours retake old bell chimes as paid dues for imaginary crimes take yours and then no more split extra amongst the poor
robbin hoods as in where the grass grow
too fast n lost his flow came back leaner with bad knees twice as slow but better lyric and more known
meaner pastures on fixed fixtures
fickle fines fielded from judgy mixture
replaced slow old brain clot with younger flying service bot cleared out generation sludge
still cant make the network budge
my gains are yours o keeper of the till
one IOU for the price of the swill
a crisp brand new
zero dollar bill
apply to research costs for synthetics
to deduct from the negative will
end it up in a positive space
my saving grace
the resolved lines applied between hi clef and bass
at chosen
imperfect pace


who's got the answers? damn sure, it ain't me
moves like a panther, dance for his safety
cats think they know how to ride like the bigelow
hats optional getting by as a jigalow
styles like action bronson or kendrick lamar
flows disrobed like kinobi to darth
livin fat like the boys from Canarsie
give it back like we hungry and artsy
tryna act like you know how adults live
when the actual proof is, you all kids
do I look like, I'm slow?
haven't lost a step, better act like you know
matter fact, I'm a pro - while they stuck in the same gear
we let 'em know who we are, why we came here
lame eared, right-brained, show 'em what you're made of
some dudes will do anything for a pay stub
that's the truth like edith ann
your lame group neverland - peter pan
the game's stuck at it's most basic level
a caustic metal, all bass and no treble
all base and low on the Ph
I hit it without playing the field like a DH
I sip the whiskey, although I swore it off
I take trips to the city and floss
on the bus or a train or a bike
this is what a real indie rapper look like
you're cantalooppy like your parents didn't raise ya right
Dip trip, flip fantasia (sike)


from FRANK CURTO PARK TURKEYS, released January 31, 2015
1st Rap - Davy Hamburgers
2nd Rap - Jack Wilson
Beat - Davy
Production - Jack



all rights reserved


BIGELOW RIDERS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bigelow Riders are a true school Hip Hop band representing Pittsburgh & NYC. Stillborn Identity, Jack Wilson & Davy Hamburgers!

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