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tiger stripe lean clean scratch machine
steal wheel tribe border chrome piece
design for max gleam run full steamweakness drop
replace old beam indigo hue cobalt seam
ore chores miner stock team mc can deliver
underground found sound type dream
defy the theory for good of the ever rising deservant cream
fail first boomerang tough comeback underdog primal
bufffered erosion contusion stick fulcrum
courtesy of misters blood clot mean
head bash fantastic
word blocks basic
derive from raw
suspense dust stasis choice piece foundation basis
composed but not indifferent
standouts from radiant
no differing amongst
wrongness off the gradiant
mental shrinks zero percent learn
checked balance zero sum spurned
speakers dealwaves
slap back sines churn
collabs explode a sparked arc where the peaks were once unheard
the synch sets in peace with quantized sawed edge in place quarks inherent spin the choicest of spots decayed
at first implied at once but then again delayed
drink employed with ice
as soon as reconnaissance is made


do the hustle, the scene was so electric
eclectic gutterbugs, cuttin' rugs and takin' drugs
you can't fake it in the public eye socket
walk it, so talk it, got it sewn like a cargo pocket
poems, like we took it back to the snaps and cigarette smoke
tippy-toe flow been so unincumbered but always under the drum's thunder
how's come? o wonder - he loves it for that reason only
seasons come and go and people change, faces blur
except for her, encourage nourishment and turn it into words
burn herbs at Jerry's Curb Service
didn't have the money, didn't deserve it
took a job at the corporate office and clocked in under a pseudonymn,
no disrespect to my surname
but if she wanted, I would take her name
focus, bird brain - the onus is on the true revolution
copasthetic and theraputic to use poems to do it
over music
you got a brain go ahead and abuse it - but use it too
don't be stupid
trust me, chicks dig artsy smart dudes
crouching basho, secret tiger
style mine bigelow riders time


from FRANK CURTO PARK TURKEYS, track released June 25, 2012
1st Rap - Davy Hamburgers
2nd Rap - Jack Wilson
Beat - Davy
Production - Jack



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BIGELOW RIDERS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bigelow Riders are a true school Hip Hop band representing Pittsburgh & NYC. Stillborn Identity, Jack Wilson & Davy Hamburgers!

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